Copyright Infringement Notice

   In cases of copyright infringement, the copyright owner, holder, or other authorized person can report this in two ways:

   Use the “report” button, choose the reason for the complaint, “Copyright infringement,” and fill out a form in the application. (the report button is placed on the full-screen image preview. It’s an exclamation sign inside the triangle);

   Send the filled-out form to

   The form must contain the following information:

   Information about the claimant:

   for a natural person:

      • first name, last name;

      • contact information (phone number, email address);

   for companies:

      • full company name;

      • address of organization or main body;

      • contact info (phone number, email address);

      • first name, last name, and position of representative in the company.

   An example of allegedly infringing content that was posted without the copyright holder’s consent such as:

      • an image from Our app;

      • a link to the image;

      • the in-app ID of the image;

      • screenshots;

      • something else to prove that the image is posted in Our app.

   An example of your original work:

      • the source file

      • the link to the initial publication;

      • screenshots;

      • or any other information that helps to know who is the copyright holder.

   Documentation, clarifying that the claimant is a copyright holder or operates on behalf of the copyright holder (if applicable).

   Statement under penalty of perjury that you have reasonable good faith belief that use of the copyrighted content is not authorized by the copyright holder, his representative, or the law.

   The completeness of the information will allow Us to resolve the situation in a timely manner. In the absence or incompleteness of this information, it is impossible for Us to identify content or content ownership, you will be asked to provide additional details via email.

   This form is so complicated because copyright infringement notices have serious consequences for both sides, and we are interested in law and marketplace rules compliance along with copyright owners. Claimants have the ability to provide us with additional information and additional copies of any documents that were not mentioned above. This will greatly assist us in resolving the matter promptly and effectively preventing any future violations from occurring.