Copyright Infringement Notice

In case of copyright infringement, Copyright owner or holder or person which authorized by copyright owner can report about this in two ways:

The form must contain next information:

  1. Information about claimant:
    for natural person: First name, Last Name, Middle Name, contact info (telephone number, email address);
    for entities: full entity name, address of organization or main body, contact info (telephone number, email address), First name, Last Name, Middle Name, position of representative in entity;
  2. Example of allegedly infringing content which was posted without a copyright holder’s consent (an image, a link to the image, in-app ID of the image, etc.).
  3. Example of your original work and link to initial publication, or any other information which demonstrates who is the copyrights holder.
  4. Documentation, clarifying that claimant is a copyrights holder or operates on behalf of copyrights holder.
  5. Statement under penalty of perjury that You have reasonable good faith belief that use of the copyrighted content in the manner described above is not authorized by the copyright holder, the copyrights holder representative, or the law.
  6. For natural person: statement that you give a consent to Volkraft LLC to process your personal data.

The completeness of the information will allow us to resolve the situation in a timely manner. In case of the absence or incompleteness of this information, that makes it impossible for us to identify content or content ownership, you will be asked to provide additional details via email.

This form is so complicated because of the fact that copyright infringement notices have serious consequences for both sides, and we are interested in law and marketplace rules compliance along with copyright owners. Claimants can add additional information and copies of other documents (not stated above) which can help us to identify the copyright holder as soon as possible and timely eliminate potential violations.

Also the form is helpful to avoid abuse of rights by third parties.