Content Policy

The Wallcraft team has always valued people’s desire for creative freedom and need for sharing images created by you with others. Maybe you try to explore something new or look for inspiration, everything's better when you are not alone in your quest. This impulse was the basement of the User Content service - service which allows you to share images with other users across the world. We don’t practice censorship...but let’s admit - some themes or images might be not so pleasing or appropriate for other users or even breaking the law. That’s why we established this list of rules, their abidаnce provides a solid foundation for creating a friendly community. Please carefully read through these rules because users who systematically violate them can be blocked from using the service.



Images which contains depiction of sex act, genitals, even if them was retouched or covered with stickers.

Nudity and erotica

Depiction of people or characters in sexual or allude sexual context, body fluids, images which contains naked body parts and designed to induce sexual arousal.


Images in which minors are depicted in a sexual context, sonsuming alcohol or drug substances.


Animesque images which contains sexual agenda or sexual act depition, sexual deviations and so on.

Violence and shocking content

Images depicted violent acts against humans, animals, realistic depictions of visceral, aftermath of the disasters, tragic events, terroristic acts, as well as images justifying such actions.

Firearms and weapons

Instructions for crafting or modifying weapons, explosives substances, homemade IED, threats to use such devices.

Alcohol and controlled substances

Propaganda of consuming such substances or creating a positive impression of their use.


Images that attract or advertise gambling, promo codes for casinos and so on.

Copyright infringement

Don’t publish content that you don’t own or without copyright holder or author authorization. Users systematically violating this rule will be blocked forever without the ability to restore access to User content service. If you an author or copyright holder and you presume that other user publication infringe your rights please let us know using report button in the app or mail at via special form.

Stock images

Don’t publish images which were obtained on stock image services or other similar platforms.

Harassment and insult

Images created with a purpose of offending, humiliating human dignity on any basis (race, gender, political views, relligion, sexual orientaion, etc.), as well as images using obscene language, are prohibited.

Stalking, doxing, personal data

Content which contains personal data, or information which helps to identify or stalk other people.

The list of reasons is not exhaustive and may be supplemented by us unilaterally.