Content Policy

The Wallcraft team has always valued people’s desire for creative freedom and need for sharing images created by you with others. Maybe you try to explore something new or look for inspiration. Everything is better when you are not alone in your quest. This idea was the foundation of the User Generated Content service - service which allows users to share images created by them with other users across the world. We don’t practice censorship...but let’s admit - some themes or images might be not so pleasing or appropriate for other users. Some images could break the marketplaces rules or even the law. That’s why we established this policy. Here users can find some rules and prohibitions for posting content. Abidаnce of that policy provides a solid foundation for creating a friendly community. Please carefully read through these rules, because users, who systematically violate them, can be blocked from using the service.



Images containing a demonstration of sexual intercourse, sexual organs, incl. retouched with the help of filters (covering, sticking, blurring) are not allowed; symbolic depiction of sexual intercourse or sexual organs is not allowed; Sexual toys and devices designed to satisfy sexual needs or fetishes shall not be displayed. Content promoting or encouraging the provision of sexual services, as well as guidance on sexual practices, is prohibited.

Nudity and erotica

Images of people in poses that imply sexual innuendo are not allowed. Nude or partially nude images of no independent artistic or educational value and created to create sexual arousal are also inadmissible. It is not allowed to depict people dressed improperly to appear in public, images that depict a person or parts of his body in a sexual context.


It is prohibited to display images showing minors in sexual context, using alcohol, tobacco or drugs, or images created to insult minors.

Anime with sexual innuendo

It is not permitted to display images in anime stylistics that contain sexual innuendo, provocative poses or display of sexual act in any form (tentacles, etc.), incl. rape, sex minors, same-sex relationships, bestiality.

Violence and shocking content

It is forbidden to display images showing acts of violence against people, animals, realistic images of human entrails, consequences of disasters, emergencies, terrorist acts demonstrating preparatory actions or consequences for the victims, as well as encouraging acts of violence against the population, images justifying such actions, demonstration of suicidal actions.

Firearms and weapons

It is forbidden to exchange images showing instructions on the creation and use of weapons and explosives, threats carried out with their use, photo-realistic consequences of their use.

Alcohol and controlled substances

It is forbidden to depict the consuming or using of drugs or alcohol by persons regardless of their age, as well as images that encourage approval of such use, give it a positive context. Content containing instructions on the creation of alcohol or drugs is also forbidden.

Propaganda or discrimination

It is forbidden to upload any content, containing any LGBT propaganda or discrimination on any ground, as well as content with all that it entails.


It is forbidden to display images of agitators to participate in gambling games, including advertisements for casino services and bets, promotional codes and bonuses for participants in such games.

Copyright infringement

It is forbidden to place images containing intellectual property - trademarks, characters, illustrations, etc. The posting of such images is possible only if you have the appropriate authority. The "User Generated Content". Users who regularly violate copyright will be blocked from that function without the possibility of recovery. If you are a copyright holder and assume that the hosted object violates your rights, please inform us directly through the app or by filing a complaint on Use our background information on how to file a complaint to expedite the processing of your complaint and take the necessary action in a timely manner.

Stock images

It is not allowed to publish images which were obtained on stock image services or other similar platforms.

Harassment and insult

Any image created for the purpose of insulting, degrading human dignity on any grounds (race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) is prohibited, as are images containing obscene or abusive expressions, as well as vocabulary and terms which are suitable for adults only.

Justification of terrorism

It is forbidden to upload any content that contains justification of terrorist or extremist activity as well as any content about such justification.

Stalking, doxing, personal data

Content containing personal data or information allowing identification of users or third parties is not allowed to be posted

Low quality or artistic value

It is not allowed to upload low quality wallpapers or wallpapers with low artistic value.

The list of reasons is not exhaustive and may be supplemented by us unilaterally.